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Thank you!

We are thrilled to know there are people like you, that are willing to be part of our team and become a #ChangeMaker. We heartily believe we need more changemakers to make a difference, leave an impact, and change lives!

To complete the process, please make the $25 non-refundable payment. We will contact you within the next 5-7 business days


Enrollment and Processing Fee

To initiate the enrollment process to become a volunteer, you will complete the application form and submit your non-refundable processing fee of $25. Once you are accepted into the project, you will need to make a $250 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. The $250 non-refundable deposit will be credited toward your total project fee. The remainder of your fee is due at least 30 days before your departure to your project country site. Payment methods accepted include checks (made payable to IChange Volunteer), money orders, or credit cards through Paypal. Cash is not accepted by mail.

Project Fee

IChange Volunteer strives for volunteers to have a successful positive and impactful experience. To succeed in this, we provide the necessary support for our volunteers. Volunteers will be provided with support before departure, including handbook and coordinator support. In-country support consists of 24/7 availability from our team, including host family or lodging, accommodations, meals, transportation, activities, and excursions. As a non-profit, the project fee will only be used to cover the necessary cost to provide a successful volunteer experience abroad and to support our projects.

Postponement, Cancellation and Refund Policy

We attempt to be flexible and understand that your plans to participate in our projects can be interrupted by unforeseen events. If you need to postpone your trip, any fees paid to us will be held for one year from your original departure date. If you decide to participate in the upcoming year, all funds will be credited to your project fee. If you do not reschedule your participation within one year of your original departure date, any fees paid are non-refundable. Any fees paid will be used as a donation to continue supporting our charitable projects.

As a nonprofit organization with 501 (c)(3) status, all processing fees, deposits, and payments made to IChange Volunteer are non-refundable and considered donations. Due to this, all payments are non-refundable, no matter if you participate or not. If your selected session no longer works for you, please refer to our Postponement Policy above.

Accommodations (Meals and Lodging)

IChange Volunteer will make all the arrangements for services and accommodations in connection with the undersigned participant project. This includes lodging (host family or shared apartment with other volunteers) and three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the period of your session. If you have any diet restrictions such as allergies or food intolerances, let us know in your application. Please be advised that the host family will try their best to meet your dietary restrictions, but this does not consist of purchasing any particular foods for you.

Depending on the number of participants per session, you will be either placed in a host family or shared apartment. Accommodations consist of hot/cold water, Wi-Fi, private bed, and storage for personal items.

You are not allowed to invite guests to stay overnight at your lodging. If you fail to adhere to this condition, there will be disciplinary action and will be dealt with according to the Code of Conduct below.

If you would like to extend your session, we can make arrangments for you if you ask in advance, but you will need to pay the project fee for an additional session.

We shall be responsible for providing the services and accommodations to you, except to the extent such services and accommodations cannot be supplied due to delays or other causes beyond the control of IChange Volunteer. In this case, IChange Volunteer will make every effort to provide comparable services and accommodations. IChange Volunteer reserves the right to withdraw, alter and substitute project services and accommodations, or modify itineraries at any time and without notice.


Volunteering hours will vary depending on country and projects. Still, you are required to volunteer five days a week for five hours daily from your selected session. You should never be required to work more than eight hours a day and a maximum of six days a week.

You are entitled to one day off for 4-5 week sessions and two days off for the 10-week session. You will need to arrange with your on-site coordinator a week in advance to get approval for anticipated days off.

Safety and Health

Our team and volunteers are required to collaborate to secure the safety of everyone in the organization. We prepare our team, volunteers, and communities with emergency procedures and health and safety education. You are required to follow all measures to keep safe while volunteering abroad.

You MUST disclose any medical conditions, including any chronic physical or behavioral health conditions and or disabilities. Disclosure of any medical conditions assures that it will not interfere with the safety of volunteers and the ability to effectively participate in our projects abroad.

Vaccinations are essential to staying safe when traveling to a different country. You should speak with a physician or travel clinic before traveling in addition to consulting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to determine appropriate vaccinations. Volunteers are required to purchase Travel Medical and Evacuation Insurance. Proof of insurance is required before departure.

Responsibility and Personal Risk

At IChange Volunteer, we aim to lessen the risk by how we manage our projects, train our team and volunteers, and follow protocols in case of any emergency situations.

We are not responsible for the actions or omissions of third parties involved in our projects with whom we have no direct control. This includes employees of airlines and any other transportation services. IChange Volunteer is not liable for any loss, injury, damage, delay, or accident that may be caused by a defect of any vehicle or other equipment excluding our own. We are not liable for negligence or default of any company or person engaged in carrying out or performing any of the services involved, other than our own team. We are also not responsible for the loss or expense of third parties such as natural disasters, war, strikes, terrorist activities, riots, or bankruptcies.

Your participation in any other recreational activities in your free time is at your own risk. It is your duty and responsibility to understand the benefits and restrictions covered under your travel insurance policy.

Your participation in our projects is accepted on the understanding that you are voluntarily participating entirely at your own risk.

You will be required to sign a Liability Release form before departure.

Code of Conduct

IChange Volunteer code of conduct for volunteers in the project is intended to protect all volunteers, host families, communities being served, and IChange Volunteer itself. You will be required to sign the Code of Conduct agreement for participation in our projects.

We will attempt to make all reasonable efforts to resolve any disciplinary matter before it turns into a difficult situation. However, we reserve the right to take immediate and appropriate action in the event of behavior offense and safety concerns towards fellow volunteers, host family, team members, community members, including students, teachers, and health professionals. This includes behaviors such as hostile attitude, severe intoxication or rowdiness, failure to attend volunteer work, or leave work without being excused from a coordinator.

A first written notice will be given to any disciplinary problem and will be delivered to your accommodation address. If the problem still persists after five working days (or a shorter period if urgent) of receiving the first written notice, a further termination letter would be delivered. The termination letter is effective as soon as we can make arrangements. If you decide to stay in the country after being dismissed from the project, IChange Volunteer will not be held responsible for any accommodations ( food and lodging), transportation, safety, or travel arrangements.

If either the volunteer or host family fails to satisfy any of the terms listed in the Host Family-Volunteer Agreement, and the difficulties cannot be resolved with mediation from the In-Country Coordinator, the volunteer, or host family may elect to terminate the homestay placement. It may be necessary to provide you with hostel accommodation for a short period, including money for food or place you with another host family.

In the rare occasion, a volunteer is asked to leave the project due to not complying with one or more rules listed in the Code of Conduct contract, the project fee is completely non-refundable.

Please note that IChange Volunteer reserves the right to decline applicants whom we believe are not a good fit for the project experience. We are happy to speak with any potential volunteer in more detail to determine if our projects will be a fit for you. You can contact us at

Revised: January 2020